The Home Refresher Professional Organizer Pittsburgh

How It Works

Start with a free consultation

we will discuss the following:

Organization needs

Challenges or problem areas

What outcome or goal the client is looking for

What limitations or expectation they have

Budget for the project

Select a Date

After the initial 'needs assessment' we agree on a date and time to start working together.

The Home Refresher Professional Organizer Pittsburgh

Upon Arrival

we will discuss your needs in person:

I will tour and evaluate the space
Discuss what works and what needs to be worked on
Assess current supplies and storage
Determine what additional tools, if any will be needed
Recommend effective solutions for any issue or area of the home
I will determine how long the project/task will take to complete

You will receive a verbal plan that includes what organizational action we will take as well as task priorities. Please keep in mind I prefer to work side-by-side with all clients during the time of decision making for what items go and stay. All unwanted items may be donated or discarded at your discretion. While working together we will discuss solutions to prevent future clutter. 

Lastly, I will follow up with you to see how your newly decluttered, organized and refresh life is treating you.
The Home Refresher Professional Organizer Pittsburgh